thirteen years.

From editing the footage my mother helped me record on her laptop webcam of a choreographed routine my friends + I made to a Kesha song, 


to filming a (very) amateur music video for my high school singer songwriter best friend in front of her garage doors (using headlights from her car as our light source), 


to recording EVERY second of my spring break trip to Tennessee (being a good sport + filming every last skateboard trick my friends could land), and turning it into a documentary.

having a few college courses under my belt learning audio + video at Ball State University, my best friend + photographer Michalea Angle (of The Right Angle Photography) invited me to film a wedding with her. From that day on, I've pursued this path as my career + have been filming weddings ever since - (thanks Mich, couldn't have done it without ya!)

It's funny when a hobby you pursued as a child unexpectedly turns into your career. I never dreamed I'd be filming weddings for a living, but here we are + I couldn't be happier! 

two years ago,

that's how long I've dabbled in film making.




I've filmed over twenty weddings all throughout Indiana. I've filmed through freezing cold sideways-spraying rain and blistering heat + humidity - coming home with a VERY sunburnt back. I've filmed gorgeous sunny days with bloomed trees, golden sunsets, + stunning beaches. I've captured the most incredible first looks filled with sobbing tears + wide-eyed looks that say "day-uumn!

There's one thing in life that everything boils down to, and that's trust. Trust is the basis + foundation of most relationships. Do you trust yourself enough to be comfortable with each other in front of me + the camera? Do you trust giving me the reigns to produce your love story?


I won't just be your videographer. I'll treat you as a human - not just another client. I strive to cultivate a relationship so I can get to know YOU. Your story, your family, friends, qualities, traditions, + personalities. Every duo has their own unique story + my goal is to collaborate together to share it with everyone.


Let's do this together!