Who picks the tunes?

So here's the thing, music is tricky. Every artist has a different copyright law on each one of their songs. You can assume this makes it difficult to find one that is free + available to use without paying for a license. Luckily, I've done the leg work for you!


Here are some options for finding the perfect tunes for your wedding film : 

Option 1) I subscribe to royalty free music websites called Soundstripe and Music Vine. This is where I find most of the cinematic or upbeat songs I use for my films. The websites are VERY user friendly and you can find songs in any genre, mood, + tempo you want. Feel free to browse these + let me know if you find something you want to use! 

Option 2) If you reeeeally want that ONE song to play over your film (because it's just too perfect!), there is a website called Tracks (tracksmusic.com) AND Music Bed (musicbed.com) where you can buy SOME (not all) songs for $59. If this is the option you want to take, I will purchase this in my name (so I have the rights + license) and add the $59 to your proposal. 

Option 3) You let ME pick the tunes! I'm a huge music nerd + pride myself on finding the best tunes that will fit your vibe + story! Seriously, you don't know how many hours I've spent combing through song after song JUST to find the perfect one for your films! You can trust me, I gotchu

When will I get my film?

12-15 weeks from your wedding date.

Why is the raw footage so expensive?

Photographers, artists, musicians, videographers and anyone else that sells their personal unique creativity, knows how valuable their worth + assets are. In this case, the footage I capture at your wedding is my own personal asset.